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[3], Sowden wanted a house that would be a showplace where he could entertain his friends in the Hollywood film community,[9] but only lived in the house for a few years, perhaps due to the negative criticism of its architectural style at the time. But it caught the attention of the LAPD, which knew they were dealing with something evil. [12], It was also one of the sites used in season 6 of America's Next Top Model,[13], It was featured as a haunted location in a 2013 episode of Ghost Hunters. Later that night, the DAs microphone recorded George on the phone with a German friend. Thirteen miles away from the crime scene is where many experts believe Short's murderer lived and possibly where he killed her. Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), Oct 11 1949, p. 1. But aside from the homes scandalized tales that have long been seared into the popular imagination, what do we really know about the Sowden House? Designed and built for artist John Sowden and his wife on a 14,000-square-foot lot on Franklin Avenue. One summer night in July of that year, [w]ith the lady moon beaming approval and the black velvet curtains of night, lit by myriad twinkling stars, forming an ideal background, the picturesque Puck Theater, located in the medieval Aztec castle at 5121 Franklin Ave., received an auspicious christening. This Medieval Aztec castle continued to move from one owner to the next throughout the remainder of the 20th century and beyond, always with entertaining, more so than living, as its core purpose. Believing she was multiracial, Fauna was raised in Reno, Nevada, by a Black family. Wikimedia Commons. Built in 1926 by architect Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright's son, Sowden House has had quite the scandalous reputation. A concrete den of sex, scandal, and intrigue. 10 Mar. Eighteen detectives and cops bugged the Sowden House from Feb. 15 to March 27, 1950. While some of the alterations drew criticism from preservationists and Lloyd Wrights son, Eric Lloyd Wright, the renovation ushered in a new era of activity. Buster, a cadaver dog, alerted the humans to something going on in the basement, although the room has not been excavated. Image via The Ferro-Concrete Style by Francis Skillman Onderdonk (1928), The magic that the Hodel children associated with the Sowden House in those early years was soon marked by family scandal and later, accusations of murder. As soon as your guests pass through the stylized copper gates and ascend the scissor-style stairs to the main entrance of the house, they will know that they are in for a memorable event! Steve Hodel lived in the home as a child in the 1940s and recalled how [c]ars driving by would stop and stare at it in astonishment It was a high-walled fortress, private and impenetrable, right in the center of Hollywoods residential district Residents and guests who were allowed to pass through the fortress walked through a (now) heavily patinated copper gate and up an uninviting staircase. According to Steven Hodel a Los Angeles Police Department detective who would later be certain that his father was the Black Dahlia killer Teske was once George's friend. The way the body was severed led investigators to believe that the culprit was someone who had medical knowledge. On January 15, 1947, the naked and mutilated body of Elizabeth Short was discovered in Los Angeles. Two of Hodels biggest opponents were none other than his own children. Web. Sowden House Basement. This bathroom also has been redesigned, although it has a vaguely temple-like design. John and Ruth Sowden, for which the house was originally built, were artsy Hollywood folks who liked to party. We may never know if Elizabeth Short took her last breath, or even stepped foot, in the Sowden House, but her murder and the shameful legacy of Hodel hang heavy in those Sowden House corridors. For three consecutive evenings, Varejos four-channel video installation Transbarroco (2014) played across the facade and in the central courtyard. Historic American Buildings Survey. 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Although you might not get a glimpse of the interior these days, its worth taking a trip just to get a view of the remarkable property from afar. By Bianca Barragan April 3, 2017. A 25'-long cinder block wall costs $1,500 to $6,000 or $15 to $30 per square foot. Hodel was accused of doing a long list of sinister acts inside the confines of the Sowden mansion. The suave, brilliant doctor's VD clinic catered to many elite Angelenos, and his friends included Surrealist artist Man Ray and director John Huston. One of the striking features of the Franklin Avenue structure is the mass of stone and cement which project out from the roof line. The Sowden House in Los Angeles is an architectural gem with a dark past. [10] Hodel also claims that his father may have committed further murders in the house and buried victims in the basement or yard, before fleeing the country in 1950. According to his son Steve Hodel, who published his investigations in 2003's Black Dahlia Avenger, George Hodel allegedly murdered people in the basement of Sowden House. Right out of The Arabian Nights. George Hodel filled his Sowden House with artifacts and curiosities from all over the world, further adding to the exotic allure that his children and the homes guests experienced. Not by a long shot. Decades after George Hodel left the country, a transient woman appeared at the back door of the house. Fauna Hodel was put up for adoption by Tamar. Confidential." When questioned by the police, she said she had left because her home life was too depressing, on account of all the sex parties at the Franklin House. Tamar then accused her father and other adults of raping her during a party at the house. Eric Wright felt it was a "mistake" to break up the courtyard space with a pool and spa. The center of the home used to house a fountain, but that was torn out before the Hodels moved in. CA-1940. Construction of Balboa Parks numerous structures began several years prior in 1911, with Bertram Goodhue and Carleton Winslow as principal architects. 2019. There are a zillion Soden House Black Dahlia rumors, and the property has likely been the scene of various illegal activities and even murders. The house is noted for its use of ornamented textile blocks and for its striking facade, resembling (depending on the viewer's points of cultural reference) either a Mayan temple or the gaping open mouth of a great white shark. The house is a fortress blocking off the outside world, but opening up inside to a large courtyard. The original owner, John Sowden, was a painter and photographer who hired his friend, Lloyd Wright (eldest son of Frank Lloyd Wright ), to build his home on Franklin Ave in Los Feliz. "Doctor Faces Accusation in Morals Case." Goodhue and Winslow designed Balboa Park in decadent Spanish Revival and Spanish and Mexican Churrigueresque style, an outright rejection of neo-Classical and Beaux-Arts architectural styles that previously dominated American design projects. This was not the only time that George came under police investigation. A stunning example of Mayan Revival American architecture. The original owner, John Sowden, was a painter and photographer who hired his friend, Lloyd Wright read more Hand-cast, sand-colored concrete blocks emblazoned with images of the harvest, water, clouds, and sun are stacked in homage to the pyramids of ancient Mayan civilization, while the pillared courtyard closely resembles various Yucatec Mayan temples like the Sayil and Uxmal. [18], It was announced[19] on June 21, 2022 that the house was sold for $6.16 million to Nate Daneshgar, of the Grand Central Market[20] in Los Angeles. On October 6, 1949, George Hodel was arrested along with 13 boys based on bizarre parties held at the Sowden House, questionable photographs and pornographic art objects, and incensuous acts performed on his 14 year old daughter, Tamar. A glamorous Hollywood haunt. [16] On viewing the renovations, Eric Lloyd Wright praised the new kitchen and landscaping, but criticized Balbes' decision to install a pool and spa in the middle of the courtyard. ProQuest. Balbes listed the house 13 months after he purchased it, putting it on the market for $4.2 million. In 2013, Steve Hodel claimed that a cadaver dog had indicated that human remains had been or were present in the basement and behind the house. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The particularly heinous murder of Elizabeth Short is a tragic story that continues to be an unsolved crime. You're young enough to take Los Angeles. Take Los Angeles Lloyd did. The Aztec Hotel in Monrovia (designed by Robert Stacy-Judd in 1924), and the Mayan Theater in Downtown LA (designed by Stiles O. Clements in 1927), are archetypal examples of public Mayan Revival spaces that still exist to this day. The John Sowden house has had a series of owners over the years. An esteemed Los Angeles physician, Dr. George Hodel was never actually named as a suspect at the time of the investigation. 2021 All Rights Reserved by Velvet Ropes, Inc. For more than 90 years, the Sowden House has captured the morbid curiosity of true crime fiends, Old Hollywood lovers and architecture admirers alike. Landmarks, Dies." To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Therefore, Lloyd Wright, who had been designing sets for Paramount Studios at the time, indulged their desire for the theatrical. Over the next few years, the younger Wright worked with his father on many commissions, including Los Feliz's famous Hollyhock House. The Sowden House has almost as many nicknames as it had owners, and its sordid history is almost enough to overshadow the homes incredible architecture and extraordinary design. The Sowdens were "artsy Hollywood folks who liked to party, and Lloyd Wright, who had spent a . On a dark February evening, we made our way over to Los Feliz, anticipating what it would be like to finally step foot in the infamous abode. A short history of the Lloyd Wright-designed fortress, From any room one could step into a central courtyard full of exotic foliage and beautiful giant cactus plants reaching straight into the sky. In response, Hodel, a tall, mustached doctor, oddly proclaimed that he was delving into the mystery of love and the universe and that Tamars accusations were unclear, like a dream to him. Killed her. The Sowden House was designed by Lloyd Wright Jr. for his friends John and Ruth Sowden. Due to its reputation in the media, Sowden House Los Feliz has become quite a tourist spot for those who visit California. Fauna Hodel died of breast cancer at the age of 66 in 2017. Once inside this remarkable house one found oneself in absolute privacy, invisible to the outside world. He earned a medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in 1936 and worked for the Los Angeles Board of Health where he specialized in venereal disease and illegal abortions. The master bathroom has been completely remodeled as well. [3] The building design follows a rectangular plan, with the rooms all opening into a 22' x 68' central courtyard by way of a narrow corridor. If the walls of Lloyd Wright's Sowden House could talk, they'd thank Xorin Balbes for saving them and possibly solve a famous murder mystery. 's office" were out to get him. Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), Oct 03 1938, p. 6. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Goldfarb fell in love at first photo, calling the property a "thing of beauty." He doesn't drive thanks to his New York City upbringing, so he jumped on an Amtrak train with an offer already in hand. Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), Jul 27 1939, p. 6. That darned stuff might come tumbling down on you while you was trying to open them gates to get in the house.. Originally designed for open-air gatherings and musical performances, the Sowden House is a distinctive showplace that evokes a sense of mystery and exoticism. Over the next few years, he became convinced that not only had his sadistic father murdered the Dahlia, he had also been responsible for a number of unsolved, brutal murders that had taken place in Los Angeles in the 1940s. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. One of the home's rooms has been transformed into an office. [3], The house was sold several times since the renovation. Its textile block construction and Mayan influence was way ahead of its time and never fully appreciated until years after it was built. Retired artist John Sowden and his wife Ruth commissioned Lloyd to design a unique showplace where they could throw parties and put on amateur theatrics. The enigmatic Sowden House is an anomaly on otherwise charming and SoCal-bright Franklin Avenue in Los Feliz. The kitchen was a major part of the renovation. The unique house quickly became a Los Angeles curio. She objected to the pool, to the refinement of the entry staircase, and to the addition of Asian elements that were "completely wrong" for Wright's Mesoamerican design. This mansion, known as the Sowden House, is an architectural masterpiece designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son, Lloyd Wright. The house is built using concrete textile blocks and Mayan themes, with decorative block-work along some of the interior walls. Web. Dan Goldfarb, the buyer, picked up the estate for around $4.7. Artists and active members of the Hollywood film scene, the Sowdens wanted a house that would accommodate lavish parties and entertaining and encouraged Wright to create the perfect backdrop. It was Xorin Balbes who restored the house into the structure it is today. Tamar was sexually abused by her father at the age of 12. Dept. Los Angeles Times (1923-1995), Nov 20 1947, p. 1. Today, the Sowden House exists as equal parts history and mystery thanks to shocking headlines, crime theories, and on-screen portrayals, not to mention its ominous presence looming high over Franklin Avenue. From 1945 to 1950, Dr. George Hodel owned the house and allegedly committed a number of gruesome crimes at the residence, including the infamous Black Dahlia murder that went on to be one of the most heinous unsolved mysteries in history. Beyond it are three flights of stairs in a narrow passageway leading to the house. John Sowden House. photographer Edmund Teske said of the house in an 1978 interview. Hodel was eventually acquitted of the crimes against his daughter, their story most recently fictionalized in the I Am The Night mini-series, but Hodels soiled reputation did not disappearneither from his public persona nor from his familys perception. According to a book published by Hodel's son, the house contained a "floor-to-ceiling bookcase that concealed a secret room, accessible only to those who knew how to open the hidden door." A month after "the scent of death" was detected in its basement by a trained cadaver dog, the Lloyd Wright-designed John Sowden House in Los Angeles -- a purported site of the Black Dahlia. The younger Wright added that the courtyard was meant to serve as a seating area for guests, with a "stage" occupying what is now the master bedroom. While shes comfortable creating content of all kinds, her passion for all things pop culture drove her to a career in Entertainment writing. According to author Sheila Weller, writing for Du Jour in 2015, "desperate women sought him out, providing him all sorts of ammunition" against LAPD officers and their hookers. The most controversial inhabitant of The Sowden House was Dr. George Hodel, a prominent gynecologist who lived in the home from 1945 until fleeing the country in 1950. Sowden House History: Dr. George Hodel and Frank Lloyd Wright. In the late 1910s, the young architect Lloyd Wright came to Los Angeles at the request of his father, the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was also featured in the television series about the Black Dahlia murder, I Am The Night, starring Chris Pine. The Mayan Revival Style: Art Deco Mayan Fantasy. "But most of the work he did is very good.". When Lloyd Wright died in 1978, the Los Angeles Times wrote that Sowden House should be "hailed as the apogee of his residential work. "It's a mixed bag," Eric said. "A woman screamed again." Though the . The result was a Mayan Revival-style fortress, complete with a stage, secret room, central courtyard, and ornamented concrete blocks. Another of what was likely a once-empty room is now a library or sitting area with a large aquarium. Built in 1926 for the artist John Sowden, the Sowden House is one of the most striking properties in the entire city. ProQuest. Sowden House in Los Angeles. The Sowden House courtyard. Although he was never convicted, there has been substantial evidence pointing to his guilt in the horrific crime, as well as many other murders in the area at the time. The Sowden House is a Mayan Revival style "fortress". He soon sold the Sowden House and left the country. But Ruth may have had some dirt on some of Hodel's illegal business practices like misdiagnosing women to clear them of diseases they didn't have and it's very possible that George injected her with an overdose. Mr.. Which LA neighborhood do you really live in? When questioned by police, George responded bizarrely, stating that he had recently been delving into the mystery of love and the universe, and that the acts of which he was accused were unclear, like a dream. Chances are, it's the master. During the trial, Tamar said she believed that her father killed Elizabeth Short (pictured), the Black Dahlia. The property had three other owners by the time that George Hodel bought the home in 1945. George Hodel died in 1999. 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